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Blendable match to these OEM colors:

GM WA8624 Fleet White

Chrysler PW7 Bright White

Ford YO Oxford White

Honda NH538 Frost White

Nissan QM1 Alabaster White


• High quality, polyester composition • Simple inventory control • Factory pack colors are blendable to match many OEM paint codes • Can pour off gallons to quarts and pints • Can be tinted with any high quality basecoat • May be top coated with any high quality clear • May be mixed with any high grade urethane reducer (recommended at 1:1 mix ratio) • Factory pack basecoats available in gallons and quarts (18+ colors available) • Easy to Use • Simple inventory control


MIXING: • 1:1 - Good Hide    1 Part Color    1 Part AR Series, Universal Reducer • 2:1 - Better Hide     2 Part Color    1 Part DI Series Urethane Reducer GUN SETUP:    30 PSI Gravity Feed    40-50 PSI Siphon Feed    10 Max PSI HVLP at Cap COVERAGE: 2-4 Single Coats or until full coverage is achieved DRY TIME: Between Coats | 5-10 Min. Flash @ 70°F Prior to clearcoat application | 20 Min. Flash @ 70°F

Tolerance Basecoat T03 Fleet White - Quart

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