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• U-POL specialty fillers are formulated for specific applications where an all-purpose filler just won’t do

• Each product has been put through extensive real-world testing to ensure you have the right product for the right job

• Fibral Lite Fiberglass Filler takes the place of both short and long strand products

• Its lightweight formula can be easily shaped and sanded once cured

• Spreads like a short strand yet bridges holes like a long strand

• Non-sagging even on vertical surfaces - spreads, adheres, and finishes like a polyester filler

• Forms a hard, durable surface that is still smooth and very easy to sand

• Waterproof

• Can be finished with putty or glaze or directly primed

• Substrates: Fiberglass, steel, plastics

• Size: 3 Liter Tin

• Color: Pale Yellow

Fibral Lite Sandable Fiberglass Filler - UP0700

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